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Jan 11, 1997

He gets me through Biology

He is one of my favourite people. He is so funny. He is also super smart.

He is like me and doesn't really care about girls and dating - he cares more about school and grades. He is such a chill dude. He likes simular things to me as well. He helps me in my lessons as well. Such a good friend.

He also spent way to much time on runescape

Better than drugs or smoking I guess.


Jan 11, 1997

I swear to god I love this girl.

She is just so smart and she likes all the things I do.

She wasn't like the other girls in my class. She wasn't a slut. She is also smart. She is such a good friend. We message all the time. Even if wee can't talk during the school day it's nice having a friend like her.

She does care way too much about fashion but I love her anyway despite her flaws.


Jan 11, 1997

He is such a werid person.

He spends all day of the computer and all he drinks is mountain dew.

I mean he is funny and we do get along. He is a good person. Doesn't really care about girls either

He could shower more though.

Micheal and Tyler.

We are having fun.

I don't have any photos of Mia

So havea gif from a show she likes.