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Unfair System in Education Establishments.

Dec 7, 1997

This all started when my school thought it would be a good idea to ban 'carbonated beverages'.

Teachers are really stupid. We have a right to drink what we want. I don't think banning carbonated drinks is the end of the world when there are bigger issues in the school. Have you seen how some the girls in my classes dress? Or the langauge the boys in my class use? I think that should be more of a priority. I think they give too many excuses to hormones and therefore end up focusing on unnescessary rules. If people learnt to control themsleves we won't have this problem..


Sep 2, 1997

So here is my theory...

All women all sluts. All of them. They have all these high standards of what they want in boyfriend. But- here is the thing, it's all about their physcial looks. It's not about how smart they are, or how nice they are to them. They care more about how good they are at sport or how much muscle they have etc etc. What is worst, is that they treat them like they are nothing and they don't care because they can pratically rape them in bed. Girls don't care about nice guys like me, they would rather settle for a dude who treats them badly but do a few pull up.

Fanta is the best drink.

I think I have an addiction